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New Baby?

Congratulations on the birth or adoption of your child!


We hope the sleepless nights and continual
demands of parenthood are not getting you down
too much.

Thanks for asking us about how we can help you to welcome your precious one and to offer your thanks for their safe arrival. In this booklet you’ll find details of all that we can offer and how to go about arranging things.


Services of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.


Holy Baptism

A Bit of History

In the Bible we only read about adults being baptized. These were people who came to follow Jesus either because they met him or through the preaching and teaching of the early church. There is no sure indication that children are baptized anywhere in the New Testament. 

Over time the early Christians had children and wanted their children to
share their new faith. The Christian Community (“the Church”) decided that children could be baptized on condition that their parents and godparents made a declaration of faith on behalf of the child, committed themselves to raising their child as a Christian living Christian values and attending the church gatherings. They promised that when their child became an adult they would present them to the Bishop to “Confirm” their faith for themselves. That decision was made in the fourth century and nothing has changed since then!

In just the same way today some parents Christian faith might be so strong and their church membership so active and important to them that that they want their children to share this too through being baptized themselves. That is perfectly possible but two things are necessary to make that happen.

If you feel that the Baptism of your child, (or your own baptism) is the right step for you please ask at the Parish Office for details of our next Baptism Information Session.


Children are baptized on the understanding that they will attend church regularly with their parents who will ensure that when they reach an age when they are adults and able to speak for themselves (Often the time they leave school) they will come to stand before the Bishop to “Confirm” for themselves the faith in which they were baptized as children. The Bishop visits about once a year to “confirm” people. Parents who have not been confirmed are invited to join the next confirmation course to start, which is also open to parents who have not been baptized.

Neither a service of thanksgiving nor baptism is a naming ceremony. You name your child at the time you register their birth. Sometimes people decide that they wish to add a “Christian name” at the time of baptism. Where you decide to do this it should normally be a Saints Name and you will need to change the child’s name by deed poll for this to be a legal addition to their name. More information on this will be available at the baptism information session.

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