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Mothers' Union

The Lofthouse Branch of the Mothers' Union was officially formed with an enrolment service on the 27th October 1943. Thirty ladies were enrolled and two transferred from other branches. A committee was formed with Mrs. Lee, the mother of the then Vicar of Lofthouse, as the Enrolling Member.

The original group of thirty-two rose to seventy-two in 1967. Now we have 23 members.

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 1.45pm (except August and December).

We meet with other branches in the Whitkirk Deanery at services and social get-togethers; also special services at Diocesan level, usually at Ripon Cathedral or Leeds Minster.

All meetings of the Mothers' Union are open to visitors and if you feel you would like to attend, please accept our invitation to come along. The MU exists for you and new members are always welcome and eagerly sought.

Lofthouse Mothers' Union 70th Anniversary Celebration

For further details on the Mothers' Union movement, both at home and worldwide, please visit http://www.mothersunion.org/