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A Christening (or baptism) marks the beginning of a person’s Christian journey as a full member of the Christian Church. If a child is brought to Baptism, the parents and godparents must make promises on their behalf to help them explore and experience the Christian faith as they grow older, until they are old enough to make these promises themselves, when we would hope they would come to Confirmation later in life. 

Some parents might prefer to ask for a service of Thanksgiving for the gift of a child. This is a slightly shorter service to a baptism or christening service, and some might like to consider this before arranging a baptism.

We always ask that families considering a Christening first of all come along to one of our Sunday services to meet us and also contact Revd Sarah Hancox.

For more information on Christenings and the role of godparents or to find out about a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child, please have a look at the Church of England website:


If you are considering Baptism ora Christening for yourself or for your child, or perhaps feel that a Thanksgiving Service alone would be more appropriate at this stage, please contact Revd Sarah Hancox on 01977 515686 or hancoxsa@gmail.com to find out more.