First Time?

HELP! I've never been to Church before!

It can be rather scary going for the first time, especially (God forbid!!!) on your own!

When you first come into the church you will notice everyone seems to know what they are doing.

Its hard to imagine but everyone here were all first timers once and we know what it feels like

if you haven't been to church before.


Here are some simple tips to smooth out the creases

Try to get to the church about 10-15 minutes before the start of the service

You can park your car in the car park between the Church and the White Swan public house

If this is full there is ample parking opposite the church or in the many shoppers car parks.

The church doors are at the front of the building. Don't be shy! walk straight in!

Someone will greet you at the door and usually offer you a copy of the weekly notices.

They may offer you a service sheet as well if its family praise or a special service.


Now we come to the hard bit: Where do I sit?

There is no proper place to sit, just wherever you feel comfortable.

We ask that you dont sit in the Wardens seats (2nd bank of pews on your left as you walk in)

The wardens help to facilitate the services and will help you if you need anything.


It is a big church so here are some recommendations

Try to sit somewhere in the pews off the central aisle.

his will make you feel more involved and you will be able to see everything that's happening.

If you are not handed a service sheet then we will be using the service books in the pews.

You will also find a hymn book in the pews.

A list of the days hymns can be see as a list of numbers hung up in church as well as printed in the newsletter.

The pews at the back (your left as you walk in) also have a children's play area.

The church has a sound system so you can hear everything that's said.


But what if!

My Children are really noisy?

Don't worry we have a play area at the back you can take them into if they are really out of sorts. But a

church is like any other public place, we don't mind!, really! That's what real life is like.

I use a wheelchair?

We are a fully inclusive church and welcome all. Contact us by e-mail before your first visit and we

will arrange for a warden to meet you and show you the ropes, so your next visit will be easy.

I am hard of hearing.

The Church has a sound system with an inductive coupler, try and sit in the front rows to get the full benefit.

Parish Office: Mrs. Sue Franks

TEL: 0113 282 1416      Email:

Office Hours:

Tuesday 10 am to 12 noon

Thursday 10 am to 12 noon and 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

1st Saturday of the month 10 am to 12 noon

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